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Alive and Well Walgett Shire



This is an exciting new health project, funded by the Cancer Council NSW and Walgett Shire Council to achieve the following:


a)      Undertake a Food Audit of the Walgett Shire, identifying current health food availability (or lack of) in businesses within the shire

 b)      Develop a package of training and capacity building for food businesses and deliver within the shire

 c)       Have a statement of commitment to serve healthy food signed by all participating businesses- and a commitment have at least 5 healthy options provided and promoted

 d)      Develop a range of marketing materials for use by food businesses, promoting the healthy food available (including symbols for identification)

 e)      Celebrate with community events


The team at I'm Not Fussy is managing the project and is excited at the opportunity to work with businesses to support them to be part of the health solution!



We found some interesting things out with this research!

  • 96% of businesses answered YES to the question 'Do you believe it is important to offer healthy food choices for your customers'.
  • 33% of businesses idenfied fried food as 50% or more of their sales.
  • 98% of customers agreed that it is important that food businesses offer healthy choices to customers.
  • 51% of people said that 'take away' was the most common place where they purchased ready to eat food.
  • 77% of people said there were not enough healthy choices locally.
  • 46% of participants indicated they would eat out or purchase ready to eat food mroe often if there were more healthy choices available and 41% answered maybe.
  • There is a more prominent availability in the Walgett Shire of nutritionally poor foods.




Dietitian Polly-Emma Antees and Chef Paul McDonald (FreshenUp) travelled with I'm Not Fussy CEO, Rebel Black around the Walgett Shire delivering Healthy Food Masterclasses to keen business owners and staff.


Businesses were given information and resources specifically designed to enable them to make small changes in their business to make their foods more heathy and ALL participaing businesses signed up to a Statement Of Committment - stating they will have 5 healthy options available on their menu!


The next stage is to develop the marketing material to promote these FAB healthy option businesses!



Contact us if you would like further information, or would like to see this kind of research done in YOUR SHIRE!!! 







Chef Paul McDonald in Burren Junction (L), Walgett (middle) and Lightning Ridge (R)

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