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Best Recipe Website

What makes the best recipe website? 


A website where you will only find healthy, nutritious recipes based on whole, live foods that provide optimal sustenance with minimal calories and harmful fats and oils. 


Here at I’m Not Fussy, you will only find recipes that will improve your health and well being. 


We have put a great deal of thought into making the best recipe website for you. 


Our philosophy is a complete focus on your whole body wellness from the foods you eat, to the exercise you get to the products you buy. 


Our mission in providing you with the best recipe website is to ensure you always have a reliable place to go when you need healthy recipes that taste great.

Unfortunately, Australians are getting fatter.  Just check out this startling quote from Modi (a page on the MONASH University Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences site).

“Australia is today ranked as one of the fattest nations in the developed world. The prevalence of obesity in Australia has more than doubled in the past 20 years.”

It is great to live in a developed nation, however the constant rush and pressure found in working long hours and the convenience of quick and easy processed foods has wreaked havoc on our health. 


Today, over 17 million Australians are overweight and 4 million of those are obese. 


More Australians are dying from obesity related complications than they are from diseases caused by smoking! 


As a result of this overeating, more than 900,000 Australians have diabetes and the sheer amount of cardiovascular and kidney disease is crippling the health care system.

It is time we all took charge in the fight to regain our health. 


Living in a land brimming with natural goodness that we can incorporate into our diet, products and exercise routines leaves us with little excuse to be inactive and feasting on sugary, fatty, processed foods.

Making positive lifestyle changes is an ongoing process and not something one should attempt all at once. 


The key to lasting change is to take it on in small amounts so you do not become overwhelmed and give up out of despair. 


Our best recipe website is a great place to start the journey to becoming a healthier you.

Changing your eating habits is not as daunting as you may think. 


The body thrives on nutrition and rewards you with higher energy levels and a trimmer waistline. 


Real food tastes good, which leads you to crave it more and more as you develop a taste fresh fruits, vegetables whole grains. 


Try incorporating a few of our recipes at a time. 


There are sure to be some here that appeal to you. 


We have everything from tacos to desserts. 


Real food does not have to be drab, dull and boring. 


Far from it! 


Real food is vibrant, enticing and sustaining and best of all – it tastes very, very good. 


Nobody will stick with foods they dread to eat. 


Here on I'm Not Fussy, the best recipe website, you will find recipes you will use again and again. 

Use our best recipe website as a starting point to discovering a new, healthier you.  

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