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What Can I Eat – What Toxins are hiding in our food?

by Kylie Hollonds

Your weekly shopping can be a mine field if you are consciously trying to avoid certain ingredients but add in there the avoidance of toxins and you can seriously be in trouble.


You need to be aware that many foods can be labelled are “safe” or “healthy” products however they can contain hidden toxins. So be aware and don’t be fooled by those labels that make health proclamations.


Here are 10 ingredients you need to look out for on your labels.


1. Sodium Nitrate.

This ingredient is often in processed foods such as bacon, hot dogs or savloy meat and sausages’. Sodium nitrate can cause the formation of nitrosamines in your system which are cancer causing.

2. Bisphenol-A.

This ingredient in used to line cans with. So reduce the amount of canned food you eat. Over consumption of this ingredient has been associated with diabetes and heart disease.

3. Aspartame.

This artificial sweetener is commonly found in diet sodas and other products labelled with the word “diet”on the packaging. Prolonged exposure to aspartame, which is a neurotoxic chemical additive can lead to nerve cell damage, dizziness and headaches.

4. Arsenic.

Traces of this ingredient has been associated with non-organic chickens. Long term exposure to this dangerous chemical can lead to cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

5. Hydrogenated Oils.

These are used to lengthen the shelf life of products that we generally use as snack foods. Such as crackers, cookies, bars etc. These foods are also generally loaded with salt, corn syrup and other healthy ingredients that have been related to diabetes and heart disease.

6. Artificial Colours.

Excessive exposure to colours blue, red, yellow in a study of mine and rats found they suffered from brain, adrenal gland, thyroid and kidney tumors. Look out for them in confectionary, maraschino cherries and gelatine.

7. Pesticides.

These are used in main stream farming. Pesticides that linger in our fresh fruits and vegetables can lead to nervous and reproductive system damage and cancer.

8. Noxious gases. In our everyday cooking we can be exposed to noxious gases commonly found in Teflon cookware. These surfaces when exposed to high temperatures release gases which enter our food and puts us at risk of a large variety of diseases.

9. Bisphenol-A in plastic. This chemical we talked about above, but here it is found in plastic not meant to be exposed to high temperatures. When the plastic is exposed to high heat such as in microwave ovens or in cars on a hot day, this chemical will contaminate your food or drink.

10. Monosodium Glutamate.

Also known as ingredient 621 or MSG. This ingredient has been subject to many heath studies and has been linked to some minor to serious health reactions. Anything from headaches, migraines, behavioural issues in children to worsening of asthmatic conditions.

Sources: Dr Mercola, wikipedia.



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